I m a strong believer in Karma

I know how that may sound, like” yeah join the club girl, we’ve got jackets!”

I’ve always done my very best not to judge anyone what so ever based on their past, and I myself try not to think about the past at all, but whenever something good happens to me, or I come across a beautiful coincident in my daily life I like to think it’s because of the good deeds that I do.



It’s not just the bad thing that karma throws at us, which by the way are sometimes just pure bad luck! I think our actions in general, reflect on us regardless of whether they are good or not so good.


I really do believe that those people that I meet who brighten up my day, or the lovely little things that bring joy to my heart on daily basis is because I try to be the best person that I can possibly be.



My BF inspired me to start a blog

I had the idea of starting a blog a few days ago when I wanted to make a special gift for my boyfriend on our First Year Anniversary. (our first year together yesterday: 28/05/2015 )

I made him a disposable web page and went all creative on him; he happens to be a really good writer and I was worried he might not be impressed, that’s my main concern when doing anything for him, but I designed and wrote the content of the page in less than an hour and apparently he loved it!

And I have always been a fan of creative artistic writings, so why not give it a shot!

Hope my blog makes it 🙂 CgMDEUsW8AAzS-5.png